Our life of prayer, especially our participation in the Holy Eucharist, is at the heart of our life as Religious Sisters.

  • We begin our day with prayer.
  • Our day is sustained and enlivened by prayer.
  • We end our day with prayer.
"God has called us to close union with Him. Yes, it was He who has drawn us deep into the pure and loving heart if our Crucified Savior so that we may be inflamed by His love and become one with Him if we cultivate an intimate relationship with Him through a deep and sincere life of prayer and the practice of sacrifice."

The Spirituality of Our Pioneer Sisters.

Our Life of Prayer

Our life of prayer, or our spiritual life, consists of:

Communal Prayer

  • Holy Mass
  • Liturgy of the Hours
  • Adoration and Holy Hours
  • Rosary
  • Communal devotions

Private Prayer

  • Mental prayer (meditation) and personal times of Adoration
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Personal devotions

Scripture reading and other spiritual reading
Examination of conscience and particular examen
Regular Confession
Annual retreat and days of recollection

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Practical Supports for Our Life of Prayer


  • Times of silence are essential for the love of God so that we may hear the Lord speaking to our hearts.
  • The search for intimacy with God involves the truly vital need for silence embracing our whole being.
  • As a Community we nurture the spirit of silence by the daily observance of its practice.


  • Penance is a life style which expresses our love for God above all else. It is a continual turning away from self to live more fully for others.
  • As Franciscans, the cross is for us, as it was for Christ, proof of the greatest love. There is a mysterious relationship between renunciation and joy, between sacrifice and magnanimity, and between discipline and spiritual freedom. (Evangelica Testificatio, #29)
  • We have acts of penance that are communal, like fast days, and we are encouraged to do penance privately as well.

Spiritual Reading

  • Spiritual reading is a means of nourishing our life in Christ, our love for the Father, and our growth in the Spirit. We profit more fully from our reading when it is accompanied with prayer.
  • Sacred Scripture is a vital source of our spiritual growth and our Franciscan spirit. Professing the Gospel as our life, we daily read from Sacred Scripture to learn the mystery of God’s Word active among us.
  • Each Sister spends at least fifteen minutes a day in spiritual reading.
"We shall not let pass one day, not even one hour without lifting up to Him our spirit and childlike prayer."

Mother Frances’ New Year letter, 1885. Her last letter to her Sisters.