The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to each of us for the good of all. As individuals and as a community, we cultivate and use our God-given talents for the glory of God, the advancement of the Church, and the salvation of souls.

Health Care

Through the diverse professions and occupations involved with health care, we are committed to providing for the spiritual, physical, psychological, and social well-being of those in need of health care.
“With all the various challenges in health care today, we have an opportunity to put good, moral, God-centered principles into practice to care for others, as we truly believe Christ would do. We are His Heart, mind, hands, and feet to care for the most vulnerable among us.”


Since the foundation of our community lies in caring for the sick and injured, a natural and wonderful extension of our roots can be found in our colleges of nursing, where we pass on that wonderful profession of caring for others with the mind and heart of Christ.
“Our Sisters cannot physically take care of everyone who comes to us for care. But, through our education programs and the formation programs for our Mission Partners, we can teach people to care for the sick and poor in a Christ-like manner, so they can be the hands of Christ where we cannot.”

How We Live Our Apostolate

Following the legacy of Mother M. Frances Krasse and our founding Sisters, we have the wonderful privilege and profound responsibility of serving in the Church's healing and education ministries, sharing in Christ's love for the sick, the poor, the injured, the aged, and the dying.

An apostolate is the work of an apostle, to bring the Good News to all the world. We show others God’s love for them, and we express our love for Christ and His children through our apostolic works. It is the work we do on behalf of Christ for the sake of sharing His love, spreading His message, and being His hands and feet to a world in need.