Franciscan Identity
Who are the OSF Sisters?
Formally known as the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of East Peoria, Illinois, we are a Franciscan community of women religious who have found our highest joy and fulfillment in living our lives for the Lord through prayer, service, and simplicity. Since 1877, we have been committed to serving the sick, the poor, and all those whom the Lord sends our way with the greatest care and love.

Our Franciscan Charism

The essence of what it means to be Franciscan Sister can be summed up in a few words: Deus meus et omnia, “My God and my all.” This is the motto of the Franciscan Order, and it is the heart of who we are and how we live our faith in the world.

What does it mean to be Franciscan?

It means falling deeply in love with Christ and finding Him the fulfillment of all our desires. It means having a profound love for the Eucharist, the Blessed Mother, and the humble poverty of Christ. It means having a special devotion to Christ’s Passion and Incarnation, which we experience in a unique way by serving the sick and poor, the face of Christ in our world. It means being true to the foundations of the faith and respecting the shepherds of the faithful. It means living our consecration with joy and to offer warm and generous hospitality to all.

How We Live Our Charism

The unique spirit and character of our community, along with the heart of our mission, has been handed on to us through the way our founders lived, what they taught, how they viewed the world, and our rule and constitutions. Through prayer, charity, and joyful sacrifice, we strive to draw ever closer to Christ in greater intimacy and to be like Him in all things, particularly in serving those in need. Our primary purpose is to care for the sick and poor with the greatest care and love and to never turn away anyone who comes to us for care — as our foundress, Mother M. Frances Krasse, promised the Lord.

We strive to remain true and faithful to our founding spirit in our interior life, our community life, and our apostolic works.


The Franciscan shield that serves as our standard symbolically expresses the roots and spirit of our community. The Cross is in the center with rays extending from it. In front of the Cross is the bare arm of our Lord Jesus Christ, with the wound from the nail in his hand. Behind the Cross is the arm of St. Francis of Assisi, bearing the stigmata. The arm of St. Francis mirrors the arm of Christ because he strove to imitate Him in everything. The clouds represent how St. Francis now enjoys the glories of heaven with the Lord, as we all hope to experience.

Franciscan Prayer

All-highest, glorious God,
cast your light into the darkness of my heart.
Give me right faith,
firm hope,
perfect charity,
and profound humility,
with wisdom and perception, O Lord,
so that I may do what is truly your holy will.

— St. Francis of Assisi