How we live in community

United in Christ

The Eucharist is the heart of our community and our source of grace for our prayer and work. We are united to one another through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the reception of our Lord’s Body and Blood. As we gather before the Blessed Sacrament for our community prayers, we express and give witness to the unity of all mankind in eternity.

Living as One

We reside in the religious houses of our congregation. In this way, we live our true vocation in the Church. We pray together, eat together, have fun times together, live together, and work together in our community’s apostolate. In addition, our Sisters all gather together several times a year for special Church and community holy days, spiritual workshops, our Major Superior’s feast day, and our annual bazaar.

“We Care” Program

Our infirm Sisters live and are cared for at our motherhouse so that they can maintain their sacramental life with us and participate in community life. In our “We Care” program, a Sister who is actively working is teamed up with an infirm Sister, who is in the apostolate of prayer and suffering. The active Sister prays for her Care Sister, corresponds with her on various occasions, and visits her whenever possible. The infirm Sister in turn offers prayers and a share in her sufferings for the intentions of the active Sister. This prayerful relationship between the Sisters is a beautiful witness to the life-giving, self-giving spirit of our community.

"Community is family to me. My Sisters have become even more family to me than my own biological family because what binds us together is Christ in a shared living experience. I wouldn’t trade a one of them, even though our personalities could be so different; the richness of our diversity only strengthens our bond in Christ!"

Why Community Life?

The heart of the Trinitarian mystery is the love of a family. In a family, each member gives of themselves for the sake of the others in shared respect, obedience, and love.

By living in community, we can exercise the same total gift of self with each other. We form strong, joyful relationships with our fellow Sisters, centered on Christ, and we freely offer what we have. The blessings we receive through our community life are immeasurable.