An Exchange of Promises – The Heart of our Mission

This is the oldest story preserved from the earliest days of our Sisters in Peoria. Sister M. Leonilla took care of Mother M. Barbara in her last year in the Infirmary of our Motherhouse and she related this story to her. Mother M. Barbara was one of the original six Sisters spoken of in the story.

When Sister Mary Frances Krasse and her five companions arrived in Peoria in October of 1876 to begin caring for the sick, they first went to St. Joseph’s Church on the South side of Peoria for a visit. They became familiar with the parish Church and its German pastor, Father Bernard Baak on earlier begging trips to Peoria. The Sisters walked into the Church and went up to the front. Sister M. Frances Krasse said out loud in the hearing of her companions: “I promise you, God, I will never turn anyone away you send to me for care.” And then, after a brief pause, and almost as if she had heard a response to her promise, she turned to her companions and said: “The God who called us to Peoria will be the God who will always provide for us.”

This is where is all begins, an exchange of promises. This is the very heart of our Mission. God never called us to be successful. He called us to be FAITHFUL, faithful to Him and to the Mission He entrusted to us, to care for those He sends to us.