"Faithful to their profession then, and leaving all things for the sake of Christ (cf. Mark 10:28), religious are to follow Him (cf. Matt. 19:21) as the one thing necessary (cf. Luke 10:42) listening to His words (cf. Luke 10:39) and solicitous for the things that are His (cf. 1 Cor. 7:32).

Perfectae Caritatis, 5

"Let those who make profession of the evangelical counsels seek and love above all else God who has first loved us (cf. 1 John 4:10) and let them strive to foster in all circumstances a life hidden with Christ in God (cf. Col. 3:3). This love of God both excites and energizes that love of one's neighbor which contributes to the salvation of the world and the building up of the Church. This love, in addition, quickens and directs the actual practice of the evangelical counsels."

Perfectae Caritatis, 6

Evangelical Counsels

As Religious Sisters, The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis publicly profess the vows of consecrated chastity, poverty and obedience. Our vows unite us to the God Whom our heart seeks and free us from obstacles that hinder us from loving and serving Him more ardently.

Chastity - Through our vow of consecrated chastity, Christ is calling us to a preferential love for Him on behalf of His Kingdom. Our first and greatest love must be for Christ. It is this love that gives us the passion to give our lives in service of His people through our works in our healthcare apostolate and, even more powerfully, through our life of prayer and sacrifice. We are faithful to prayer because it nourishes and sustains our intimacy with Christ. We practice penance and self-discipline so that we can be chase in mind and heart and body.

Poverty - Christ “made himself poor . . . so that we might become rich.” Through our vow of poverty, we have left all things to possess Christ. In Him we find the whole world is ours and its beauty lifts our hearts and minds to Him. We acknowledge our littleness and dependence upon our heavenly Father whose loving providence never abandons us. We realize that everything we are and have, are gifts from God and we generously put all our talents at the disposal of our Community and share all things in common for the service of the Church. We find that we are truly free, free to possess God and to be possessed by God. This is our source of deep joy.

Obedience - Our vow of obedience leads us to follow Christ, Who took on the form of a servant and came to do His Father’s will. We dedicate our wills to God as a sacrifice of ourselves to God. Obedience unites us to God and frees us from self-seeking, self-glorification and a desire to dominate others. Even the smallest details of our daily life we offer to God as the carrying out of His will. We joyfully fulfill the responsibilities of our consecrated life in our community and in our apostolate.

“A vow, that is, a deliberate and free promise made to God about a possible and better good, must be fulfilled by reason of the virtue of religion.”

Can. 1191 §1