Vocation Stories

Sister Judith Ann's Vocation Story

Sr Judith Ann as a childI grew up the middle child in a family with three brothers and one sister, two parents, one grandmother and an ever growing number of cats, all relegated to living outside (only when my parents weren’t watching).  I attended Catholic grade school and high school.

I can remember the time when I was in first grade and a Sister was preparing our class to receive our First Holy Communion.  Her hands would form a chalice and host while she spoke to us.  She told us that this first encounter with Jesus was so special that we should really think about what we were going to say to Him when He comes.  I can’t remember if Sister gave us a few ideas to consider or if it was my own original idea, but I remember so clearly that first precious encounter and what I prayed.  “Jesus, help me be a good girl, to love you always, and when I grow up make me a Sister.”  As a child growing up this simple prayer became a part of my prayers each night before I went to sleep.

I can never remember not wanting to be a Sister.  In my simple mind, I just couldn’t imagine a life without having God at the very center of it.  As early as third grade I began writing simple poems about what God meant to me and my desire to be a Sister one day.  I have continued to capture my life experiences in free verse up to the present day. Much of it speaks to my relationship with God and how I sought meaning and direction in my life from Him.

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Sister Faustina's Vocation Story

When I was 36 years old, I was working as an LPN in a nursing home, had my own house, my own car, my friends. I thought my life was "all set!" I went to Mass daily after work, was active in Pro-Life activities...

I thought to myself, "What more is there in life?!" Well, GOD was preparing to answer that question in a way I never expected. In December of 1998, I went to confession just before Christmas at a penance service. I confessed to a priest I didn't know. He asked me, "Have you ever thought about being a sister?"  I was really shocked and didn't really know what to say. I prayed about it, and decided to let go of it.

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Sister Theresa Ann's Vocation Story

I was born in Escanaba, Michigan at St. Francis Hospital. We had a home in the country about seven miles outside of town. Lake Michigan was not far from my home and when I came to Illinois, I wondered where all the lakes and trees were, not anywhere in sight that I could see. So much flat land that it did not seem to be enriched with green trees and overflowing water.

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