OSF Mission Partners

Dear Mission Partner:

Thank you for all the loving care you provider for our patients.  Thank you for your dedication to our mission.

Do you wish there were more sisters around OSF? Have you ever considered becoming a Sister in our community?  Or perhaps you know someone you think would make a good Sister.

Could I be a Sister?

I know someone who
would make a great Sister.

I will pray for more vocations.

Yes, it is a life commitment, and yes there are sacrifices, but it is also very rewarding.


Minimum Requirements:


  • You must be a single, Catholic woman
  • You must be actively practicing the Catholic faith
  • You must not have dependents
  • You must be free from debt. (Exceptions made for educational debt.)
  • You must be in good health: physical, mental, and emotional.


Our age range for acceptance is 18-40, some exceptions made for strong candidates.


There is an extensive process of discernment and formation involved before making final vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.


This website has a lot of information on our life as religious and about discernment.


Please contact the Vocation Director, Sister Rose Therese if you are interested in talking to someone about your vocation.

You know, sometimes all a person needs is a little suggestion from someone. 


Many sisters have said that they first started thinking about being a sister because someone asked them, "Have you ever thought about becoming a sister?"  (Read the vocation stories of Sister Faustina or Sister Theresa Ann.)


Or sometimes, they have been thinking about it for a while, but it took that little question from someone they knew to make them really take it seriously.


If you know a young, Catholic, Single woman, that you think would be a good religious sister or nun, pray about it!


Then, when you find the opportunity, ask her if she has ever thought about being a sister.


You can also help us to promote vocations by putting out vocation discernment materials in your department or at your parish (with permission of course).


Please contact the Vocation Director, Sister Rose Therese if you would like some vocation resources.

The Lord said, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest." Lk 10:2 NAB


He wouldn't tell us to pray for something that He wasn't willing to grant.


We pray for more vocations everyday, be we could sure use your help.


Would you pray for vocations for us? Let us know.