“Dear Sisters, keep yourselves in strict accord with the rules and statutes. Live in meekness and obedience. Nurse the sick with the greatest care and love, then will God’s blessing be with you.”

Officially, we are The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, of East Peoria, Illinois.  We were founded in Peoria in 1877 by Mother M. Frances Krasse, O.S.F. and Bishop John Lancaster Spalding

We are:

  • Franciscan
  • Apostolic
  • A religious institute of pontifical right
  • Committed to caring for the sick and the poor

A few more details that may help you to understand us better.

  • We strive to remain ever faithful to the pope and the magisterium.
  • We live together in community with our Sisters.
  • We wear a distinctive religious habit.
  • We attend Holy Mass daily and pray together the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer) and the Holy Rosary.
  • We are devoted to our Lord, present in the Blessed Sacrament, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary, our mother and model.

The Franciscan Shield, at the top left corner of this website, can show you a bit about what it means for us to be Franciscan.  The words "Deus meus et omnia" mean, "My God and my all."  That is the Francisan motto.  The Cross is in the center with rays extending from it.  In front of the Cross is the bare arm of our Lord Jesus Christ, with the wound from the nail in his hand.  Behind the Cross is the arm of Saint Francis of Assisi with the stigmata, the wound of Christ.  The arm of St. Francis mirrors the arm of Christ, because he strove to imitate Him in everything.  This is all in the clouds to represent how St. Francis now enjoys the glories of heaven with the Lord.