Franciscan Footprints

Sisters' Jubilee 2014

Jubilarians(video below)  Sunday, May 18th was a beautiful day for a celebration; warm, sunny and green.  More to thank the Lord for.

Of course, the celebration started with a special Mass, because that's the main element in pretty much any good Catholic celebration, right!  Giving thanks to God in the Eucharistic sacrifice.  (I may post the Bishop's homily later, if it is OK with him.) 

We, as a community, give thanks to God for having given us our Sisters:  Sister Mary Josephine, Sister Judith Ann, and Sister Diane Maire.  We thank Him for giving them the grace to persevere in their vocation.  We also thank these, our sisters, for the service they have given to us, as a community and as individuals, in their many years of religious life.

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Institute on Religious Life Meeting 2014

What a great year to be there!

I have gone almost every year since I have was first professed.  This year was truly special though, with the canonization of both Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII.

Monsignor TurroThis year, which was also their 40th anniversary, Monsignor James Turro received the Pro Fidelitate et Virtute Award. 

Sister Teresa Paul accompanied me.  It was her first time to the Institute on Religious Life (IRL) national meeting.  As always it was so good to see some many religious from all over the country.  Also, so many good and faithful lay people who support the religious life. 

I'm afraid I didn't really take many pictures, but this year the IRL did a live stream video of many of the main talks and Liturgies.  The videos are on the IRL YouTube channel

Life and Love Unlimited Conference

Several months back, Paul Kortz, FertilityCare Coordinator at our OSF FertilityCare Center, contacted Sister Judith Ann and encouraged her to send one of our sisters or doctors to the Life and Love Unlimited Conference.  It is run by the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, NE, in conjunction with the training for the FertilityCare Practitioners and Medical Consultants.  I was the only one available at the time, so I got to go.

You may want to go too if you want to learn more about the Catholic Church's teaching on reproductive health!

After stopping by at Loras College to see someone, I drove down to Omaha for the five-day conference.  I have to admit, it was not what I expected, although I really didn't have much information about it before going.  It was really more education/training than my idea of a conference.  Probably more useful because of that though.  The days were pretty full. 

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Blessing of OSF Saint Luke

A special welcome to the newest member of our OSF family, OSF Saint Luke Medical Center!

Yesterday, April 2, 2014, many of our sisters travelled to Kewanee for the blessing of the hospital.  The definitive agreement to affiliate was signed the day before.

The hospital is a critical access hospital in a rural community in central Illinois.  It existed as Kewanee Hospital, and previously as Kewanee Public Hospital, for 95 years.  The buiding itself is new though, just built in 2006.

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