Franciscan Footprints

Corpus Christi Procession 2018

You may have been wondering where we've been lately.  Sorry.  The absence of blog posts isn't because we've all been on vacation, I just hadn't gotten around to posting things.  So this will be sort of a catch-all post of highlights of what's been going on with us at the convent.

We've had a lot of new wildlife at the convent this spring.  (Perhaps that's why we didn't get much our the garden this summer.)  There were thousands of tiny frogs, or toads perhaps, does with fawns, and a robin and an cardinal build nests right where we could watch them.  There has also been other strange animals rolling around the Motherhouse grounds.  We now have a couple bikes to use, and the sisters are having fun riding around the grounds.  (Pictures of Convent Wildlife)

May, 'tis the month of our Mother, so we always have special devotions to our Blessed Mother Mary.  These include a little reflection about Mary and a Marian hymn with our usual daily Rosary, and having a May Crowning.  May Crowning, in case you are not familiar with this practice, is a certain celebration to honor Our Lady.  In the Catholic Church we believe that Mary has been crowned queen of heaven and earth and our Mother. So in a May crowing, we symbolically crown a statue of our Blessed Mother with flowers and we sing hymns and pray the Litany of Loreto and other prayers, to show her our love.  (Pictures of May Crowning)

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, or Corpus Christi as we are used to calling it, was June 3 this year.  It was a beautiful sunny and breezy day for our Eucharistic procession.  We had a good number of the lay faithful and sisters from other communities who participated. Father Radosevich was the celebrant.  (Is that what you call the priest who carries the Blessed Sacrament in the procession and offers Benediction?)  (Pictures of Corpus Christi Procession)

We sisters always have a special community celebration for our Founders' Day.  This is celebrates the anniversary of our founding as a community on July 16, 1877.  Our Mission Partners at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center also like to honor that day by having a little remembrance service by the graves our our founding sisters, and a number of us usually join them for this.  (Pictures of our Founders' Day Celebrations)

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