Franciscan Footprints

As you probably know by now, health care is our primary apostolate, and our vehicle for this, if you want to call it that, is OSF HealthCare.

We recognize that the way we care for people's health today needs to change.  You know, when we started caring for the sick over 140 years ago, health care was a lot simpler.  There was a doctor, and a nurse, and a druggist or pharmacist or what ever they used to call them back then.  Diagnostics and treatments were rudimentary.  The structure of our modern health care delivery has been built on these bones, and over the years we've been tacking more and more things onto it.

  • New drugs developed
  • New diagnostic tests
  • New professions to do those tests
  • New treatments
  • New professions to deliver those treatments
  • Better medical science - new medical specialties
  • Medical insurance 
  • Government regulations

This has all made health care complex, confusing, expensive, and at times poorly coordinated.  So we have been working to transform how we care for people health, while still caring for the sick in the meantime, and responding to the needs of the time too.  We've been pretty busy.

Here are some highlights:

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