Franciscan Footprints

This is kind of late, but pretty big news for us.

February 1 we had two new hospitals join our OSF HealthCare: Presence Covenant Medical Center in Urbana, IL which is now OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center, and Presence United Samaritans Medical Center in Danville, IL which is now OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center.  The new names of these hospitals hearken back to the names of the religious congregations that founded them.  Sisters of these communities were there at the celebration Mass along with our sisters, OSF and Presence personnel and new OSF Mission Partners.  Below is the display they had at the Mass with pictures of the founders of the two religious communities that started the hospitals and served in them for many years, and ours.

Display of founders at OSF Heart of Mary and OSF Sacred Heart celebration Mass

It was quite a feat to get everything up and running.  This transition was very different from others we have done.  On one hand, they were already Catholic, so there was less of an adjustment there.  On the other, they had been part of another system that continued to exist after this transition.  That meant that we had to stop using their software systems and contracts on Day One and switch right over to all our systems in one night.  We had volunteers from all over OSF come to help our IT people and others to get this all going in two hospitals that still needed to take care of patients.  All in all, there were surprisingly few glitches.  

They made this cute little video of the Presence to OSF switch-over blitz.

We enjoyed the trip down and the opportunity to see these new facilities and meet the other sisters and our new mission partners.  Our new postulant, Patricia, enjoyed the trip down there with us.  

Sisters road trip to Danville and Urbana


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