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He is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Chapel decorated for EasterOur chapel decorated for Easter!     ---->

One of the Easter traditions in this community is the making of a lamb cake.  I’m told, that until the 1970’s, the community baked lots and lots of lamb cakes and sold them as a fundraiser.  But these days, we make one for ourselves, from scratch, with a cast-iron lamb mold.  The Mother House also makes a lamb cake for our Pascal Meal (held on Thursday, before Holy Thursday's Mass.)  Can you guess how old the recipe is?  I don’t know, but it included instructions for heating your wood-burning stove!

Removing Lamb from Mold

According to my research, Easter Lamb of God cakes are an ancient Catholic tradition and often found where Catholic Polish, Italian or German immigrants settled.  Since the founding Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis were of German decent, this makes sense.  For Christians, the lamb cake symbolizes Christ, the Lamb of God.  But many use the lamb cake to symbolize springtime, new life and the time for new lambs!

This time of year, you can often find lamb cakes available for purchase at bakeries or there are a myriad of recipe variations available online for both the batter and icing.  On our little lamb, Sister used a recipe for Ermine icing for the wool, coconut for the grass and candied orange peel for the flower petals on the grass.

Fresh From Oven

I was able to help make the cake, but Sisters Magdalene and Rose Therese did most of the work.

 I've posted here a few photos of the process & final product.  (Doesn't the cake without the icing make him look fleeced?!?)

Final Cake

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