Franciscan Footprints

Sorry this post is so late.

Yes, Sister Teresa Paul professed her first temporary vows on August 6, 2014, the Feast of the Transfiguration.  Unfortunately the Bishop was not available for the Mass, but our motherhouse chaplain did a fine job and we were joined by many of our local priests.  Sister also had many of her family members come up from Texas to celebrate with us.

I'm afraid I didn't get around to putting Captions to these.  The first few pictures are from the Thanksgiving service the night before the profession Mass.  That is when the soon to be professed novice is given her newly blessed professed Sister's habit.  At first profession our sisters are also given the Franciscan cord with three knots symbolizing the three vows, the black veil and the crucifix and chain.

Please pray for Sister Teresa Paul that she may be faithful to her vows and persevere in doing God's will.

(If the slideshow doesn't work for you, click here to view the album on Picasa.)

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