Franciscan Footprints

Every year for that last few years the seminarians of the Diocese of Peoria have put on a sisters' appreciation dinner for the sisters serving in the diocese.

It is always a fun event where we can spend some time getting to know the seminarians and visiting with Bishop Jenky and sisters from other communities.  The seminarians are always very creative in planning the fun at the party.

This year they followed the World Cup theme and had everything in the colors of the German and Argentinian flags.  (Not being a sports fan I didn't catch on to that too quickly, and someone had to tell me. Is there a keyboard emoticon for shame or embarrassment?)  Anyways, the décor was all yellow, blue, red and black and there were a lot of soccer balls.  Their planned recreation also followed on the World Cup theme, but with a whole lot of ridiculous mixed in.  I can't remember all the games but competitive cup stacking and hand shaking were among them.

I think I'll just let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  Enjoy!

(If the slideshow doesn't work for you, click here to view the album on Picasa.)

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