Franciscan Footprints

In our primary apostolate, healthcare, which we do through our healthcare system, OSF HealthCare, we have a special program for those in leadership roles to help them to better understand and live our mission.  We call it the Ministry Development Program.  Sister Judith Ann has been leading this for about twenty years now.  The leaders who participate, (executives, managers, doctors, etc.) go through an initial training which is three 2-3 day sessions.  Then each year they come back for their ongoing session.  Each year these ongoing sessions focus on some different aspect of our mission or values that we want to develop and enliven.  Each of our Sisters, at least those who are physically able, attend these sessions too.

I went through my session this January.  They are kind of run like an overnight retreat.  This year’s session is on one of our OSF Values, integrity.  Besides the sessions themselves, it is great to see familiar faces from around our ministry and to meet new members of our OSF family.  It helps that it is a more relaxed setting than at meetings.  People can talk about what is really important to them.  It really warms the heart to hear some of the stories about how our people are helping our patients and each other.

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