Franciscan Footprints

2013 NCYC Confession LineNovember 21-23 Sister Magdalene and I joined several thousand young people, their chaperones, and other helpers at the 2013 NCYC. (National Catholic Youth Conference)  It was a huge event, well worth our short drive to Indianapolis.  I was very impressed.  Can't say that it was the speakers that impressed me, because we didn't get much of a chance to hear them.  We were kept pretty busy at our booth most of the time.  Can't say that it was the way it was run so much, although that seemed to me to be much improved since we went last in 2007.  No, it was the kids that impressed me.

The young people were attentive at Mass and at Adoration.  When they had Confessions, the line was so long you couldn't see the end of it.  They weren't too afraid to come by the booth.  (Well, maybe be a little afraid.) They actually wanted the prayer cards!  The thing that impressed me the most was the response that I got when I asked them if they had ever thought about religious life.  Many just said that no they hadn't, but quite a few lowered their heads and gave a timid little yes.  That shows me that they are thinking about their vocation and that, even though many of them don't know any sisters, they are thinking about religious life.  It is one thing to be choose to be quiet and attentive for Mass or a Holy Hour, it is quite another to be open to giving your whole life to God.  The only way that happens is by developing a relationship with God and taking your faith seriously.  It is a great sign of hope.

Oh, did I mention the hats?  I have never seen crazier hats.  There are a few shots in the photo album.  (Just click on the image.) There were flying pigs, different kinds of cow hats, squid, light-up bishop's mitres, upside-down ice cream cones... Just when you thought you'd seen them all, there would be something different.  All the groups come with a particular hat and then they trade them when they get there.  We had a few offers to trade our veils.  Tough to refuse but I don't think our superior would have approved.

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