Franciscan Footprints

This past July 4th-7th, seminarians and novices have a pilgrimage to the Vatican City and of course to have mass with the Pope. I wished I was there physically, but for now he reach me through the technology available these days. His message is for all of us, the ones who are still in formation and discernment, but I would like to share some of what he said anyways.

To me Pope Francis sounds like a grandpa. He talks to me like I am a little child, loved, but not spoiled. Simple, to the point, and entertaining. I think it simply reflects what he preaches; being full of joy and showing it to everybody. He talked about how our love for God had become so serious to the details of our rules and works that we forget about the people around us who we serve. In a way, our presence reminding them of God, we should be pouring out our true joy. The true joy that Christ has given us, of being loved and counted important, as His brothers.

Pope Francis continued on saying that our vocation is also a gift from God. We did make a decision to follow Him, and to say yes. But the majority of it is because He makes the way for us to do so. As Saint Francis said, we have to follow Christ and preach the gospel, with words if necessary. Therefore, we should be witness to Christ more in our actions, with the authenticity and coherence of life- living out the Gospel, reading and understanding Jesus, and letting Him correct our defects. Always be positive and cultivating the spiritual life, meet people who are most scorned and disadvantaged. To not be afraid to go against the current, and have Mary always be with you in your rosary prayers and spreading the joy of the Gospel living.

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