Ministry Development Program

Our Ministry Development Program provides for the passing on of our Sisters' mission and values to all those who participate with us in the work of our healthcare apostolate.

The purpose of the Ministry Development Program is to assist all our employees to understand, support, and actively share in our mission in Catholic Healthcare and to pass this heritage on to others. The program was designed to enrich the personal and professional growth and development of individuals at all levels of our organization.

In the late 1980s, our sisters identified this need during a strategic planning session for our healthcare system. A task force of 12 volunteers, headed by Sister Judith Ann, was appointed by the board of directors to plan and implement the program.

The program began in fall of 1989. In attendance were the members of the highest level of leadership across our healthcare system, a total of 88 individuals. In the fall of 1990 the program was refined to accommodate approximately 420 individuals in the second level of leadership.

To date approximately 2,195 individuals, including over 375 physicians, have completed the three initial sessions of the program.

The initial sessions of the program include the following subjects:

  • Our Community's Roots, History, Heritage in Christ and Francis of Assisi
  • Our Mission and Role in Catholic Healthcare
  • Social and Ethical Decision-making
  • Christian Leadership Principles and Implementation of our Values

All individuals who have completed the initial sessions are invited to return for a day and a half ongoing session each year. In 2012, 715 individuals were invited to attend these additional sessions.

Ongoing sessions of the program focus on:

  • Personal and professional growth and development
  • Direction for the future based on the vision of our healthcare system
  • Personal and institutional integration
  • Revisiting our roots to strengthen hope
  • Addressing ongoing challenges from the platform of our Mission, Values and Vision

Beyond these dimensions of the Program, every operating division within our Healthcare System has initiated Ministry Development Programs. The programs vary in design and length, but present the essential core content. They are designed to reach all employees, on all levels, in every department.

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