How our Sisters Serve in Healthcare

No, it’s not just nursing.

Sisters serving in our healthcare apostolate work in our healthcare system, OSF HealthCare, alongside many others who help us to care for the sick and the poor.

Our Sisters can serve in any area of our healthcare ministry, whether clinical or non-clinical. Some of the areas they can serve in: nursing, medical practice, physical therapy, accounting, information systems, social work, clerical, radiology, marketing, pastoral care, laboratory, pharmacy, engineering, speech pathology, communications, dietary, child life, and more!

"In you, Jesus Christ continues his healing ministry, 'curing the people of every disease and illness'" (Cfr. Matth. 4, 23)

"This is the high dignity to which you and your colleagues are called. This is your vocation, your commitment, and the path of your specific witness to the presence of God’s Kingdom in the world. Your health care ministry, pioneered and developed by congregations of women religious and by congregations of brothers, is one of the most vital apostolates of the ecclesial community and one of the most significant services which the Catholic Church offers to society in the name of Jesus Christ."

Address of His Holiness John Paul II to the Leaders in Catholic Health Care

What our Healthcare Apostolate Means to Us

We have the awesome responsibility and profound privilege of serving in the Church's healing ministry and sharing in Christ's love for the sick, the poor, the injured, the aged and the dying. Catholic health care is a priceless Gift to the Church and to our world.

Through our ministry of health care our Sisters champion the sacredness and dignity of all human life at all stages of development without exception and will never intentionally violate that life for any reason! Health care is a fundamental human right based on justice and love. All persons should have access to essential health care and we will serve to that end.

We recognize and care for the whole person, attending to their spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs. We serve as the voice of those who have no voice, namely the poor, uninsured, the marginalized of our society and help assure their access to needed care.

We are called to stand at the forefront of the transformation of healthcare as active "creators" of its future so that all are cared for as God would want them cared for. We need to bring a moral and ethical reflection on developing technologies, drug therapies and research to help insure persons are cared for in concert with their inherent dignity.

The most fundamental, underlying reality is the fact that God is the One Who stands in our midst, touching the lives of His people through us. What greater value could we bring to our world? Our Mission is an extension of God's Presence in our world today by His choice. We are humbled by this truth and engage this work of love with passion and commitment.

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