Vocation Stories

Sister Faustina's Vocation Story

When I was 36 years old, I was working as an LPN in a nursing home, had my own house, my own car, my friends. I thought my life was "all set!" I went to Mass daily after work, was active in Pro-Life activities...

I thought to myself, "What more is there in life?!" Well, GOD was preparing to answer that question in a way I never expected. In December of 1998, I went to confession just before Christmas at a penance service. I confessed to a priest I didn't know. He asked me, "Have you ever thought about being a sister?"  I was really shocked and didn't really know what to say. I prayed about it, and decided to let go of it.

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Sister Theresa Ann's Vocation Story

I was born in Escanaba, Michigan at St. Francis Hospital. We had a home in the country about seven miles outside of town. Lake Michigan was not far from my home and when I came to Illinois, I wondered where all the lakes and trees were, not anywhere in sight that I could see. So much flat land that it did not seem to be enriched with green trees and overflowing water.

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