Franciscan Footprints

Annual Motherhouse Bazaar 2013

Motherhouse Bazaar 2013Our Annual Fall Bazaar at the Motherhouse was a great success this year.  Thank you to all of you who came.  This was the first year that I have missed it since I entered.  (Oh, I missed those doughnuts!)  Sister Teresa Paul was kind enough to take pictures for me.  (Click on the picture for more photos.)  As always, all proceeds of the Bazaar go to our Mission Fund to help the needy.

OSF Holy Family Medical Center Chapel

Franciscan Sisters at OSF Holy Family Chapel DedicationWe finally have the new chapel dedicated in OSF Holy Family Medical Center.  This little hospital joined our family several years ago.  It had not been a Catholic hospital before joining us.  We are so happy to finally have a permanent real chapel in the hospital now. 

Monsignor Merdian, who is the vicar for healthcare in the Diocese of Peoria, celebrated the Mass of dedication on December 2.  Father Timothy Hepner, who is the hospital chaplain, and Sister Judith Ann, Major Superior, both spoke very well.  I should have taken notes I guess, because I can't remember what they said.  But they all gave very good talks.  :)

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NCYC 2013

2013 NCYC Confession LineNovember 21-23 Sister Magdalene and I joined several thousand young people, their chaperones, and other helpers at the 2013 NCYC. (National Catholic Youth Conference)  It was a huge event, well worth our short drive to Indianapolis.  I was very impressed.  Can't say that it was the speakers that impressed me, because we didn't get much of a chance to hear them.  We were kept pretty busy at our booth most of the time.  Can't say that it was the way it was run so much, although that seemed to me to be much improved since we went last in 2007.  No, it was the kids that impressed me.

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As I am sure you've heard, we had a huge storm system pass through Illinois on Sunday, November 17 which spawned a bunch of tornadoes.  An EF-4 went through Washington, IL which is about 10 miles east of the House of Formation and a few miles southeast of the Motherhouse.  We were not directly impacted by it, but many of our employees lost their homes or had significant damage.  It is really just amazing that more people were not killed.  Please join us in praying for the deceased, their loved ones and all those who were impacted by these tornadoes.

Blessed John Paul II Relics

JPII RelicMother Adele, Foundress of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary, interceded to bring a relic of Blessed John Paul II to Peoria.  The relic is a small vial of his blood.  (I think it was taken for lab tests shortly before he died.)  They came to St. Mary's Cathedral in Peoria the evening of Monday, November 18.  There was a huge crowd of people, pretty impressive for a Monday night.  There wasn't enough room in the Cathedral for everyone so many had to go to the Spalding Pastoral Center.  They had video feed there, and after everyone at the Cathedral had venerated the relic it was brought over there.

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